Techna-Fit Braided Clutch Hose

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Product Overview



Techna-Fit Stainless steel clutch lines are manufactured to DOT specifications. The stainless steel construction eliminates 'ballooning' associated with stock rubber lines, making for improved clutch pedal feel and better fluid transfer.

Techna-Fit lines are made using teflon hose. The teflon hose has an extruded teflon core, with an outer stainless steel braided wire covering. The chrome or zinc plated steel fittings are then permanently crimped on each end. All Techna-Fit hoses have a PVC cover, which gives added protection from flying debris.

One advantage is that Techna-Fit lines reduce volumetric expansion. Over time and under continuous use, OEM rubber lines can swell and expand. The rubber cover is also vulnerable to attacks from the ozone layer (rubber deteriorates and causes failure). Stainless steel hoses provide some added protection from these issues.


 The standard version replaces the soft rubber line section only.

The race version 1 replaces both the soft rubber line and the hard coil line.

The race version 2 replaces the rubber and hardline on firewall.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review