Spec MX-5

Spec MX-5

Designed as a reliable, tech-able and fun-to-drive option for club racers, Spec MX-5 has been established with a nationwide ruleset and spec parts list for the 2006-2015 chassis Mazda Miata MX-5.  This class has been given the go ahead for SCCA national status in 2024 which is extremely exciting news.  From it's inception, the class has been designed from the ground up.  Instead of trying to build a ruleset to fit an existing class, Spec MX-5 has been designed from the inside out.  

From decades long experience with the NC chassis in other forms of racing, Mazda Motorsports has come up with a rules and parts requirement that enables the cars to be reliable, fun to drive and EQUAL.  There are more "spec'd" parts that are required than of other classes like Spec Miata to ensure regardless of what year NC you race, you'll be on equal footing to your competitors.

With over 25 years of building and racing Mazda products, Planet Miata has established itself as the gold standard for car racecar construction.  From sourcing the correct donor car, meticulous fabrication of it's roll cage, to the final fit and finish, Planet Miata has customers all over the U.S. for a reason.  The final product speaks for itself.

Key features of Spec MX-5 include:

  • A high level of performance by utilizing a spec cylinder head by Roush, adjustable Penske Racing shocks, ABS braking and a curb weight of 2525lbs.
  • Cost and performance controls with numerous spec components including a spec'd ECU flash, Penske Racing shocks, Eibach springs and sway bars, Pagid brake pads, Toyo tires, and more.