Spec Miata Build Process

Our staff selects all donor Miatas that are used. This enables us to choose the correct car. Many customers want to supply the donor but we simply do not allow it. We avoid problems of uncovering heavy damage to a donor car or heavy amounts of rust on the underside, we then have to let the customer know the donor they delivered is complete junk. That awkward situation is a non-issue by taking care of everything from start to finish.

We begin by stripping the car to a bare rolling chassis with all unnecessary items removed from the interior, exterior, engine bay, etc. A custom welded cage is fabricated and TIG welded for each car and consists of 8 mounting points, triple Nascar style side intrusion bars, DOM tubing and high end SFI padding . The cage design and safety equipment is the same for every car. Our least expensive builds have the same cage that our top shelf cars would have.  The driver floor is modified as allowed by the rules for more room and solid platform to mount the race seat on.

The rolling chassis then has it's exterior completely professionally wrapped your choice of color for a clean and professional look. The interior, engine bay and trunk are painted a uniform grey in our in house downdraft paint booth. 

Next is the interior to focus on. Here we install the driver race seat along with either Schroth or Safecraft camlock harnesses (which are simply the best fitting and easiest to adjust belts in any racecar), Sparco suede steering wheel, additional gauges, window nets, 4 liter SPA fire system, master cut off switch, and air bag delete plate. We even use a section of high grip coating underneath the pedals to finish it off for clean professional look. Optional items can consist of creature comforts like cool suits and NACA style vent windows to timing components like AMB transponders and AIM data systems and cameras

The suspension kit is the source of all the fun in racing a Spec Miata. It is by far one of the best handling vehicles in the world and has been improved upon by a proven combination. This combination consists of Penske shocks all around, Eibach 2.5 inch 700 LB front springs, Eibach 2.5 inch 325 LB rear springs, and Eibach sway bars with poly mounting bushings.  During the installation, every control arm is cleaned, inspected in a JIG and powder coated  as well as both front and rear subframes. All wearable items like bushings, tie rods, wheel bearings are replaced with OEM Mazda parts during the reassembly process.  Front offset lower balljoints as allowed, are installed.  The power steering is removed and a new OEM manual steering rack is fitted for that perfect feel in your hands while on track.

The braking system while simple in design, has proven time and again to be up to the task of hard wheel to wheel racing. For example many teams that compete in 12 hour endurance races do not change brake pads! Factory calipers are rebuilt with new vented front rotors, new rear solid rotors, Hawk performance pads, Stainless steel brake lines and a full liter of ATE brake fluid.

The entire drive train is then inspected and removed. All major services are completed to the engine like timing belt replacement, water pump, coolant hoses, idler and tensioner pulleys, front and rear crank seals, along with a fresh set of NGK plug wires and the proper NGK spark plugs. 1999-2005 model year cars have the mandated SCCA restrictor plate installed.

Optional items range from big hp professional built cylinder heads and engines, high capacity aluminum radiators, to open air intake kits as allowed on 1990-1993 cars. 

The transmission is rebuilt and blueprinted for maximum reliability, with quick shifting, while a fresh clutch assembly is bolted to a resurfaced flywheel with a new throwout bearing and pilot bearing. 1994 model year cars came from the factory with heavy flywheels. As a no cost service, we update those year cars with a 95-05 model year flywheel as allowed per the Spec Miata rules. Options include an ACT heavy duty clutch upgrade.


Finishing off the drive train is the rear differential with an OEM factory limited slip unit in a race prepared aluminum housing with all new seals. The proper final drive ratio is installed and set up for cars that did not come from the factory with it. Optional items are either Mazdaspeed clutch type limited slip units or Torsen style limited slip units as an upgrade for 1990-1993 cars. 1994-2005 cars will all ready have a rebuilt Mazda Torsen style limited slip unit installed as part of their base build.

Final inspection including a complete nut and bolt check of the complete Spec Miata suspension, brakes and drive train is performed. New lightweight 15 x 7 wheels are installed with new Hoosier or Toyo tires. The car is scaled with your weight added and aligned.

The car is then tuned on our chassis dyno to optimize both HP and Torque output while optimizing ignition timing and fuel curves.



The cars are very easy to maintain. During the weekend checking the lug nut torque, oil levels and air pressures are the norm. In between events the fluids should be changed. All cars come with a complete setup guide with alignment specs, air pressures, water temp and oil pressure readings, fluid recommendations, and a pre-event checklist.

The checklist will have all major points to be checked after an event which will list the location, size of socket needed and torque rating.



The time needed to complete varies but usually is 12-14 weeks.



1990-1997 cars start at $25,950

1999-2005 cars start at $30,950



While our entry level builds will get you on the track, there are many choices, as stated before, like engine options, wild paint jobs, extra wheels and tires, upgraded clutches, different style seats and much more. We can accommodate specific requests and help guide the new owner to building the best Spec Miata including a Runoffs winning car. Below is pricing to the more popular options that can be added.

All labor and materials are included in the pricing below.

AMB transponder +$399

Passenger seat with matching harnesses $1699 and up 

High Flow air intake (90-93 only) +$249

 Cool suit  +$699

NACA duct vent windows +$199 each

Pro Built motor - expertly built to the highest standards in the U.S. to the very limit of the rules +$6999

Pro Built Cyl head only  +$3499

C&R Aluminum radiator +$799

ACT clutch upgrade +$599

Spare wheels and Hoosier or Toyo tires +$1399 per set

Full AIM data acquisition systems - varies based on display and amounts of channels integrated and monitored

Multi tone exterior wrap / satin / metallic colors  - varies by design, please contact us for a formal quote