Spec Miata Caged Roller

Want to build your own Spec Miata but have the roll cage and fabrication done for you?  Our lot drivable Caged Rollers are the answer.  Starting with a solid donor, we strip the interior of all unnecessary items, fabricate and TIG weld the roll cage.  Window net mounts are handled along with trimming of the dash board and inner door shells.

The cars remain drive-able with their existing OEM drivetrain, suspension and brakes for ease of movement.  Then it's ready to be completed at your pace and your way with Planet Miata handling the heavy lifting of fabrication and sourcing the correct car.

Caged Rollers can be any year 90-05 5 speed equipped Miata based on your requests.

Prices start at $10,950

Options can include items like:

OEM hardtop (trimmed and fitted)

Driver side floor drop with trans tunnel notch out.

Drivetrain removal credit (perfect for those needing to re tub an existing SM race car)