Spec MX-5 Battery Tray

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Product Overview

Want to move your battery from the engine compartment back to the trunk?  Legal in Spec MX-5 and other classes, this kit will help you with the parts needed to install an Odyssey AGM battery in the passenger side upper trunk area.

The Odyssey battery uses bolt in eyelets instead of posts for a more proper secure installation. 

Kit comes with the following parts:

  • Aluminum battery tray with strap
  • (2) Aluminum stap guides that fit in the finger holes in the Odyssey battery
  • Rubber battery mat for tray
  • Safety pin with lanyard
  • (4) Bolts for tray
  • (4) Nylock nuts for tray
  • (1) Bolt for lanyard
  • (1) Nylock for lanyard

Battery is NOT included and sold separately.

Optional for Spec MX-5


(No reviews yet) Write a Review