PM Blueprinted Spec Miata Calipers

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$175.00 - $750.00

Product Overview

Planet Miata Blueprinted Calipers are now available for your Spec Miata.

Starting with used OEM cores, we disassemble, inspect, sandblast, plate and assembled*Anti-rattle hardware included

*Zinc Bright Plated with superseal rust preventative coating.

*Comes in a beautiful silver color.

*Ready for installation

* Assembled with every aspect of low drag considered.

* Removed E-brake option available.

* ebrake delete designed for minimal brake pad knockback.

*Our remanufacturing process has made these the highest quality calipers on the market.

Please note that calipers carry a $50 core charge per caliper.Which is easily refunded.  Same style calipers only for the credit. If you order 1.8 calipers, please return 1.8 calipers.  Prepaid shipping label included, simply stick the label on the box and get it to a UPS location.  Caliper cores need to be returned within 30 days of purchase.  After Calipers are received and inspected, $50 per caliper will be returned to the original payment used.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review