NC Complete Killswitch Kit (SMX Legal)

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Product Overview

Mazda Motorsports NC Spec MX-5 Legal Kill Switch Kit

Comes with all components to install and is hands down THE best engineered kill switch we've worked with.  No cutting, splicing or re engineering needed.  OEM quality wiring, connections and loom are used throughout the kit.  

The kit also relocates the battery from the engine bay to the passenger (right side) of the trunk for better weight distribution and cleans up the engine bay nicely.  

Battery mount tray and strap are extremely strong with perfect fitment when used with a specific low profile Odyssey Battery (can be added as an option).

Lastly, the kit includes a pressure activated switch to kill all power in the event the fire system is activated.  The pressure switch when properly plumbed in, will activate the kill switch and cut all electrical power in the event of the fire system being activated.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review