Mazda Motorsports C&R NB Radiator

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Product Overview

When a racer’s nose is six inches off the back bumper of the car in front in a five-car draft, airflow through the radiator is not optimal. Mazda Motorsports saw a need for a better performing radiator for Spec Miatas, in particular the 1999-2005 NB Miata. For this, Mazda Motorsports turned to C&R, which has long provided advanced cooling technology for NASCAR, IndyCar and IMSA sports car applications. The company is now a part of PWR, which has experience in F1 and rally as well. Consequently, C&R turned out to be the ideal partner for the development of a new NB Miata radiator that is not only approved for Spec Miata but will also work well for NB racers competing in other categories.

C&R didn’t just take an existing core and slap some mounts on it to make it fit. It was a research and development process that took the radiator from a single-pass design to a triple-pass design for optimal function in the Miata.

The radiator uses C&R’s proprietary extruded tube race core and fin design and works with the stock fan – a Spec Miata requirement. It’s a direct replacement for the stock radiator, with no modifications required. It also incorporates a couple of other unique features.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review