Cooling Hose Service Package

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MSRP: $280.56
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Product Overview

The Planet Miata Cooling Hose Service Package

We are trying to come up with a fool proof group of packages to keep your Miata in tip top shape. 

This Kit is everything you need to do a Cooling Hose Service on your 90-05 Miata.

Whats Included?!:

All Coolant Hoses for you specific application, Radiator, heater and Auxilary Hoses

All OEM Clamps for these Hoses!

Throttle Body Gasket

IAC O-ring or Gasket

and for you 1.6 Guys the dreaded Blind Cap and Clamp. 

Thats Right! Everything to replace your old dryrotted hoses, Fresh Clamps to stop the drips and any gasket that may need replacing when getting to those certain Pesky Clamps!!



9-HOSES (3 radiator,2 Heater,4 Aux)

19- CLAMPS(6 radiator,4 heater,8 aux, 1 blind cap)


3- Gaskets(Throttle Body, IAC and Air Valve)


9-Hoses (3 radiator, 2 heater, 4 aux)

18-Clamps (6 radiator, 4 heater, 8 aux)

2-Gaskets(throttle body, IAC)


8-Hoses(2 radiator, 2 heater, 4 Aux)

16-Clamps(4 radiator,4 heater,8aux)

2-Gaskets(throttle body,IAC)


8-Hoses(2 radiator,2 heater,4 aux)Yes it has the proper inlet to water neck hose!

16-Clamps(4 radiator,4 heater,8aux)

2-Gaskets( throttlebody,IAC)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review