Planet Miata Spec Miata Caliper Safety Bracket Kit

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Product Overview

A simple bracket to prevent a catastrophic failure on track. 

Rear caliper slide pins commonly come loose or crack at the slide pin.This in turn causes the caliper to spin out into the wheel causing not only damage to the wheel and caliper but possibly causing you to find a wall. The simple backet bolts into an existing caliper bracket hole and holds the caliper in place when a pin does fail. Cheap insurance for anyone on track.

Spec Miata Caliper Safety Bracket Kits

  • Remove lower slide pin and brake pads and slide caliper off of the mounting pin. Using an allen wrench, verify that the pin is tight or we suggest to remove it and reinstall with red Loctitte. Reinstall caliper and pads.
  • Remove upper caliper bracket to hub carrier mouting bolt (this can be disposed of)
  • The new bolt must be centered
  • Torque the replaced bolt to 44 lb. per ft.
  • Make sure there is clerance between the large hole in the bracket and the caliper.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review