Arrive and Drive Program

Do you already have your own Spec Miata, yet don't have the time to maintain and prepare it for the race weekend?  If you lead a busy life or want your spare time not under the race car, our arrive and drive program is for you.   We take care of the hassles of setup, maintaining and transporting your race car. No longer will you have to worry about whether the car is setup perfectly or if something was overlooked during the rush to make it to the track. 

From start to finish we handle preparing the race car, loading and unloading at the track, maintaining it through the race weekend and making repairs when necessary.  All of the logistics in making sure your car is ready is handled by us.  All you need to do is show up ready to drive!

In between race weekends we offer on site indoor storage also for your race car.  Our facility has four separate buildings with a combined storage space of over 40,000 square feet.  Get your garage space back!  Storage is available year round. Call Marc directly at 570-262-1013 for more details.