TEIN EDFCII Controller

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Product Overview

The original EDFC, which has been popular for the past decade, is to be reborn as "EDFC II" with a new appearance using white LED and at a new affordable price.
"EDFC II" brings the convenience of in-car damping force adjustment system to the hands of more people than ever.
*This product does not adjust vehicle ride height.

Easily Controlled from the Inside!
To control the damping force, the driver usually needs to get off the car, raise the hood and/or take off rear interior parts such as the speaker board or rear seat. With EDFC II, all the driver has to do is simply push the buttons on the controller to adjust damping force without even setting a foot outside the vehicle.
Easy-to-Recall Memory Contents!
With just a touch of a button, damping force is adjusted to the preset setting instantly. Up to 3 presets are available to store the preferred settings.
Simple Operation at Your Fingertip!
It is so easy to operate. All the basic operations can be done with just a single touch of either damping force adjustment buttons for front and rear (+/-) or 3 preset buttons.
Affordable Price!
Despite the use of high-performance & high-precision stepping motors, EDFC II is very attractively priced. The complete kit for one car starts from $316.00.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review