Motul RBF-600

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Motul® RBF 600 has a very high dry boiling point of 593°F (311°C) and a wet boiling point of 420°F (215°C).

100% synthetic fluid for hydraulic-actuated brake and clutch systems. Specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of actuated (steel or carbon) racing brakes and clutch systems.

RBF 600 Super Hi-Temp racing brake fluid was developed for high heat and the extreme pressure demands of professional racing. RBF 600 has a low viscosity blended with unmatched performance in the most extreme conditions for minimal hydroscopic effect and very low compressibility. Motul® RBF 600 will give solid pedal feel, great response, super high heat protection and maximum life.

Sold per bottle. We recommend 2 bottles when changing your complete system.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review