AVO Power Plug and Play ECU Programmer

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Product Overview

AVO Turboworld via its Power + Reflash Tool that simply plugs in to the OBD Port and allows you to save your standard NA stock car file. Then by following the on screen commands, this will allow you to flash your car with the AVO Stage maps hat is provided with the purchase of the AVO Turboworld Stage 1 Turbo kit or AVO NA upgrade kits.

ECU Adjustments include : Fuel Timing Cams Speed limiter lifted to 280km Rev limit increased to 7200rpm Throttle settings sharpened

  • LNR16EB9A001J Includes Stock MAP, and up to & 5 tuned depending on the stage MAPS Japan, Australia, USA Mazda MX5 ND 2.0L 2016


(No reviews yet) Write a Review